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Agarwood – a sacred produce of Khanh Hoa

Tram Huong of Khanh Hoa is famous in Viet Nam as well as the world over. It has a long-standing cultural and historical features. According to the legend of Cham, Agarwood was created by Lady Po Nagar or Leiou Ye, the goddess and founder of Cham nation. Lady Po Nagar is symbolic of a happy and prosperous life in Cham civilization. In the halo of the Goddess Po Nagar, there was always the spiritual scent of Agarwood.

Khanh Hoa is a place near the sea, full of sunshine, wind, and rich of mystery, culture and history. Aquilaria of this land is the best. Aquilaria of Khanh Hoa not only connects closely to the legend of the Goddess Po Nagar, to the mountains, the sky and the sea of Nha Trang – one of the most beautiful bays in the world, but is also handed down from generation to generation among the common people:

“Khanh Hoa is the land of Aquilaria.

Come here, you and your folks absolutely should…”

In Khanh Hoa province, there is also salangane’s nest (yen sao). It is as valuable as Tram Huong. Both Tram Huong and salangane’s nest represent the distinctive features of Khanh Hoa province. They symbolize the nobility and faithfulness of the province. Although salangane’s nests are always available, but not many families use them to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Traditional Tet). On the contrary, Tram Huong is always used to worship Gods and ancestors.

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